7 Good Reasons why you must start drinking Beer

Beer is the most probably the oldest alcoholic beverage and interestingly it’s the Third most popular Drink, after water and Tea. Beer is world’s most widely consumed Alcoholic beverage which is made through barley’s. In this Article, we will show you some of the benefits of the Beer that you must know. We are not promoting Alcohol in any manner, but giving the information about its healthy benefits. We highly condemn consuming any Alcohol too much which is not beneficial for a healthy life. The motive of this Article is to tell you the best benefits of the Beer and why it’s much better than other Alcohols.

1. Helpful to Kidneys

Beer is a highly successful in reducing the risk of Kidney stones. According to a research, drinking a bottle of Beer every day lowers the chances of Kidney stone by 40%. It’s very beneficial in proper working of your Kidneys as it cleans it. So Drinking Beer once a Week is not a bad thing.

2. Anti-Cancer Elements

Brewing Beer contains a flavonoid compound called as Xanthohumol which plays an important role in chemoprevention of Cancer and prostate cancer. Like Red Wine, Beer is also proven beneficial in fighting cancer.  It’s a good source of polyphenis because of grains used for fermentation, According to Bio-medicine.

3 Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases

Beer is very beneficial as it contains Vitamin B-6 which prevents against the heart diseases by building up the compound homocysteine. Beer also has a small impact on Blood as it prevents the clots formation causes blocks in the coronary arteries. It’s good to consume Beer, but always in a limit.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is the root of lot of health problems and Beer can be beneficial for you in lowering the blood pressure and the Hypertensions, According to Research. And if you are a moderate beer drinker then you are less likely to develop high blood pressure than the ones who consume cocktails or wine.

5. Anti-aging Compound

Beer boosts the influence and impact of Vitamin-E which is a very important antioxidant of the body. It’s an important part for the healthy skin and also slows down the aging process. One can start Drinking Beer as it’s quite beneficial, but always drink in a limit so that you can take benefits of it.

6. Supports Digestive System

If you are going through problems like Gastric, gastric acid, pancreatic and cholecystokinin enzymes, then is a great curb to all of it. It not just helps your digestive system, but also cleans the junk or heavy food you have eaten. Beer is undoubtedly very beneficial for our digestive system.

7. Stress Buster

People always say that drink Alcohol to become stress free and if you drink Beer to be stress free, then it would be more beneficial and healthy drink than other alcohols. All alcohols are good to make yourself stress buster, but that haven’t much benefits like Beer has.

Want to start Drinking Beer? Start it, but never cross the limits.