7 Best All Season Street Food items of India

In India, we have a so vast variety of street food items as India has so many states and religions and which have their own food. It’s just impossible to talk about all the street food items of India. In this Article, we will show you some of the best street food items which are perfect for any season. The motive of this Article is not just to show you the All season street food items of India, but also promote the city/state of which its famous the most.

1. Chole Bhature

This north Indian dish is unarguably the best breakfast item to have. Big football-sized Bhautre with hot and spicy chickpeas is just a deadly combination. Chole Bhature comes from kitchen of Punjab, but it got the real fame in Dilwalon Ki Dilli only. Chole Bhature is all season street food item of India.

2. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is not just Mouth-watering street food item, but also full of nutrients too. Litti Chokha is healthy as it doesn’t need to be fried. This item of Bihar is becoming quite famous in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Litti Chokha is the all season favorite street food item of India.

3. Vada Pav

This Indian-style Burger is now becoming famous all over the country. Vada Pav consist fried potato dumplings with fried green chillies. Vada Pav is unarguably the favorite street food item of every Mumbai wala. If you never tried Vada Pav before, then must try this mouth-watering street food item.

4. Puchka/Pani Puri/Gol Gappa

Call it anything, buts its taste would always remain mesmerizing and scrumptious. From North to West, everyone loves to eat Puchkas/Pani Puri. The best part of eating Pani Puri is getting the flavored water with it which makes it more special. Kolkata’s Puchkas are very famous and this item is undoubtedly the best among all season street food items.

5. Idli/Dosa Sambhar

This South Indian street food item is popular in every city of India and it’s unconditionally ruling the hearts of every Foodie. The best part of eating Idli/Dosa is with the Coconut chutney and Hot and spicy Sambhar. Chennai is the best among all the cities in serving the finest Dosa/Idli’s.

6. Momos

Momos (Dumplings) came Nepal and Tibet and then to Northern India. Now Momos are undoubtedly the favorite street food item of everyone. Eating hot momos with spicy red chutney is just a deadly combo. The Momos of Darjeeling are very famous as they have the authentic preparation of it. It’s without a doubt the best all time street food item.

7. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is basically a North Indian dish which is now popular all over the country. Aloo Tikki is prepared with the mashed potatoes and it tastes so amazingly good with sweet and spicy chutneys on it. The Aloo Tikki of Lucknow and Delhi is very famous and this is a ultimate all season street food to have.