7 Food items that are banned Around the World

We All have listen the Ban of Movies, Pornography and may other items, but in this Article we will show you the Ban on the Food items from all around the World. This Interesting Article is not just to tell the facts, but also a great read for the General Knowledge Seekers. The motive of this Article is to show you the Food items which are banned Around the World.

1. Ketchup Banned in Primary Schools in France

We all love to have some Yummy Ketchup with Burgers and French Fries, but it’s sad to know that it’s banned in Primary schools in France. The reason behind its ban is that they believe it‘s a cultural threat to the traditional French cooking among children as ‘masks the flavor of whatever they are eating’.

2. Unless Prescribed, It’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore

Singapore has put a Ban on Chewing gums since 2000. It can be purchased only through the description of the Doctor. And if someone splits gum on the streets, the fine is on them for $500 (Rs.32, 000). It’s among one of those reasons why Singapore is so clean.

3. Samosas are banned in Somalia

This Triangular famous Indian Snack is banned in Somalia. The leaders of Al-Shabaab find this three-sided snack offensive as it resembles to the Christian Holy Trinity and its Triangular shape is not compatible with their strict Islamic Culture at all.

4. Bhang is Banned mostly everywhere in the World

This Indian Drink is banned in most of the parts of the World as its main ingredient is Cannabis. In India, Bhang is commonly made during festivals like Holi and this Drink is loved by the Indians.

5. Absinthe is banned in Canada, US and New Zealand

Absinthe is very strong Alcoholic Drink consists of huge concentrations of warm wood and can lead to hallucinations and violent outbursts, as a result impacting Mental Health. So it’s the reason behind why it’s banned in these Countries.

6. Kinder Eggs are banned in USA

Yes, you heard it right!! These delicious chocolate eggs with some Gift inside, it’s banned in USA. It’s banned as it contains Non-edible embedded in it. Children might swallow the Plastic Toy, so as a precautionary its Banned in USA.

7. It’s illegal to sell Raw Almonds in California

It’s illegal to sell Raw Almonds in California as it’s proven as the biggest reason behind the Salmonella Outbreaks. Public gets affected by Salmonella, which usually develops diarrhea, high fever and abdominal cramps. The Almonds are pasteurized before it’s eaten.