7 Delectable Desserts from 7 Indian States you must try once in Life: Part 2

We all love to eat Desserts and when it’s about Indian Desserts, we have so vast variety that it’s impossible to talk about every Dessert. Indian Desserts are also called as ‘Mithai’. In this Article, we will show you 7 famous Desserts from 7 other Indian states which you must try once in life. The motive of this Article is not only to show the famous desserts from various states, but also to promote the Indian Desserts.

1. Dabbroo – Himachal Pradesh

Dabbroo is a very popular dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It’s basically a sweet wheat pancake which is prepared with the combination of ghee, milk, wheat flour, sugar and water. If you never tried Dabbroo before, then you are surely missing something very special. It tastes amazingly good.

2. Malpua – Jharkhand

This popular dessert of Jharkhand is mostly prepared during special occasions and festivals. Malpua is prepared with milk, sugar, flour, mashed bananas and later deep fried to make it crispier. It tastes so delicious that one just wants to eat more and more. All must try this delicacy of Jharkhand.

3.  Aloo ka Halwa – Haryana

Aloo Ka Halwa sounds little weird, but tastes heavenly good. It’s prepared with milk, potatoes, sugar, ghee and nuts. This famous dessert of Haryana tastes very delicious and luscious. If you never tried this before, then must try it once in life.

4. Shufta – Jammu and Kashmir

This one is my personal Favorite. Shufta is mostly prepared on every special occasion and festival. It’s a great mixture of nuts like almonds, walnut, pistachios, cashew nut and coated with sugar syrup. This Dry Fruit dessert is so delicious that you just want to eat again and again.

5. Mawa Bati – Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is very famous for its street food, but nothing can compete with Mawa Bati. It’s prepared with Mava, Til, ghee and cardamom powder. Mawa Bati is the only existing Heaven on this Universe. If you never tried Mawa Bati, then you are surely missing something very special.

6. Mysore Pak – Karnataka

This Heavenly good dessert of Karnataka is the great mixture of ghee, chickpea (besan) flour and sugar. Mysore Pak just melts in the mouth when you take a bite of it and makes you feel that you are having the finest food item. It’s recommended to every foodie to must try Mysore Pak once.

7. Vettu Cake – Kerala

This dessert comes directly from the God’s own Country, Kerala. This cake is prepared with maida, semolina, cardamom powder, beaten eggs, sugar, milk, salt, baking soda and oil. Vettu Cake tastes so delicious and crispy that nothing can beat as the perfect evening snacks.