5 Food Trucks in Gurgaon that Every Foodie should visit once

A Food Truck is basically a Large Truck equipped to cook and sell the Food. This Food Truck Revolution began in the 1930s in America and later on, followed by other countries too. In India, this concept of Food Truck is still on developing stage, but in future this food would surely become big in the Country. In this Article, we will show you some of the best Food Trucks in Gurgaon to have the delicious food. The motive of this Article is to show the finest Food Trucks in Gurgaon to all the Food Lovers.

1. Kobri at Sushant Lok-1

It started from the Delhi in October 2004 and they have some of the finest delicious and Yummy Food. The idli sandwiches and Dosa Wraps are the must try items of this Food Truck, especially the innovative stuffing’s. If you live in Gurgaon or around that, then must go ahead to this Place.

2. Awestruck at Welldone Tech Park, Sector 48

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This one is my personal favorite Food Truck to visit. They serve the finest Italian food at very affordable prices and the pastas are so yummy that one just wants to eat more and more. Except Mouth-watering pastas, they also have delicious salads and luscious shakes. It’s the perfect treat for the Foodies.

3. Hoppers at Sushant Lok-1

This American-themed truck from Flavor Labs is a perfect treat for your taste buds. If you are craving for some delicious American Food, then just drive down to this Food Truck and you will surely get the amazing food. It’s one of the finest Food trucks in Gurgaon.

4. What the Truck? At Sector-32 or South City

This Food Truck not only has an interesting name, but also delicious Burgers and Hot Dogs to serve. If you want to have the finest Wraps, Burgers and hot dogs, it’s the perfect place for you. Keema Pao and Chilli Doggie Dog are the star attraction of this place. They also have the 100% Non-vegetarian patties which are just the perfect treat for Non-vegetarians.

5. Eggjactly at Leisure Valley Road

Also called as India’s first Food Truck. As the Name suggests, it’s the perfect treat for the Egg Lovers. The best part of Eggjactly is that its GPS enabled and posts its whereabouts (Sector 14, 29 and 44) on Facebook or Twitter so that Foodies can find them easily. They mostly have all Egg Dishes and it tastes amazingly good.