7 Ultimate Indian Thalis that one must try at least once in Life

India is so diverse in its food that you will find same food prepared with different style in other regions and states. In India, there are 29 states and every state have their own Thali (Food) to represent and that’s why India is called as Country of Diversity. In this Article, we will show you some of the best Thalis from different states that one must try once in Life. The motive of this Article is not only to promote the Thalis of Different States, but most importantly to promote the Indian Food.

1. Punjabi Thali

Punjabi Thali is not just about Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti. It has so many another delectable dishes like Dal makhani, Kadi, Butter Naan, Rajma, Chole etc to serve you. The Punjabi Thali is filled with the love of Punjab and vast variety of Food in it. Punjabi Thali is a must try for all the Food lovers.

2. Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthani Thali is the perfect treat for foodies. This Thali includes Dal bhati churma, gate ki sabzi, missi roti, laal maas, panchmela dal, goond ka ladoo and many more delectable dishes. Rajasthani Thali can be called as the heaviest Thali among all. Just try Rajasthani Thali once and you will surely become ‘Fan’ of it.

3, Maharashtrian Thali

This one is my personal favorite. The food of Maharashtra is so delicious and special that you just can’t miss it. Amti, Bharli vangi, pitla, bhakri roti, kothimbir wadi, pandhra rassa, mutton kolapuri and kheer are some of the famous items of the Thali. If you never tried Maharashtrian Thali before, then you are surely missing something very special.

4Bhojpuri Thali

If you love to eat the traditional and vegetarian Indian Food, then Bhojpuri Thali is best for you. Some of the famous dishes of Bhojpuri Thali are Bharbhara, sattu ka Parantha, Litti Chokha, dahi chura, kale chane, rasiyaaw and Balushahi. Bhojpuri Thali is full of delectable and healthy dishes which tastes good and are full of nutrients.

5. Bengali Thali

The flavors of pleasurable Bengali Thali makes you mesmerized with it after the meal is finished. Bengali Thali includes begun bhaja, shukto, patol bhaja, alu bhate, shaak, bhaat, maach bhaja, chholar dal, payesh and many more luscious dishes. The Bengali cuisine serves you the finest fish dishes and desserts. One must try the delectable dishes of Bengali Thali.

6. Kathiawad Thali (Gujarati)

And how can we miss the Gujarati Thali which comes straight from the heart of Kathiawad. Some of the luscious dishes of Gujarati Thali are Khatta Dhokla, sev tamaatar nu shaak, gajar mirch sambaar, rigna palak nu shaak, dal dhokli, methi thepla, chaas and kesar shrikhand. Gujarati Thali has a vast variety of amazing dishes which you can’t miss out.

7. Kerala Sadhya Thali

This traditional Thali is served on the Banana leaf. The Kerala Sadhya Thali includes sambhar, parippu curry, aviyal, puliserry, thoran, kalan, kichadi, sharkara varatti, ada pradhaman and many more delectable dishes. The Sadhya Thali is full of scrumptious dishes and sweets, so you must this mouth-watering Thali once in life.