7 Delectable Indian Dishes that are perfect for the Dinner

Dinner is very important and significant meal of the day, which is basically the final meal of the day, it can be evening or night meal too. In This Article, we will show you some of the Best Indian Dinner Dishes that are perfect for the Dinner. The motive of this Article is not only to show you the best Indian Dinner Dishes, but also to promote the Indian Food.

1. Chettinad Fish Fry

This Dish is the perfect combination of Luscious Fish and Indian aromatic spices. If you love to eat Spicy Food, then you just can’t miss this Dish. This famous South Indian dish is the perfect food item for the Dinner. It’s prepared WITH King Fish which is later deep fried and later added in full of aromatic spices.

2. Dum Aloo

There’s no better treat for the vegetarians to have a bowl of Mouth-watering Dum Aloo stuffed with Paneer and with thick Tomato gravy in the Dinner. Dum Aloo is prepared with Boiled Potatoes and served with spicy and Luscious Red Color gravy.

3. Galouti Kebab

This Mouth-watering dish of Nawabs comes directly from the kitchen of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Galouti Kebab just melts in the mouth, it’s surely the undisclosed Heaven on this Earth. It’s prepared with the mixture of spices with Minced meat. This Kebabs are surely the perfect treat for Dinner.

4. Lemon Chicken

Being a Punjabi, this one is my all time Favorite Dinner item. This juicy Lemon Chicken is prepared with an Ultimate combination of Lemon, Chicken, garlic, sugarcane and citrus juices, and the gravy of spices. It tastes so amazing that one just wants to eat this Luscious dish again and again.

5. Dal Makhani

There’s no better combination than the Dal Makhani with the Butter Naan. This Mouth-watering Dal is from those rare Dal’s, which is loved by all. And it tastes way yummier when it’s prepared with lots of Butter. It’s a perfect Dinner treat.

6. Shahi Egg Curry

For all the Semi-vegetarians, Shahi Egg Curry comes as a savior for them. This Mouth-watering dish is prepared with Boiled Eggs, mildly spiced curry made up from garlic, ginger, onions, Kasuri Methi, yogurt and fresh cream. If you never tried Shahi Egg Curry before, then you are surely missing something very special.

7. Keema Biryani

It’s the perfect Home-party dish to have. Keema Biryani is prepared with minced meat, rice, ginger, garlic, onion, almonds, yogurt and milk. It tastes so good that one just wants to have more and more. Keema Biryani is the perfect Dinner dish to have.