7 Indian Popular Drinks that you should try once in Life

Indian Drinks are very important part of Indian Cuisines. From Kids to Grown up people, everyone just loves to drink their favorite beverages. In this Article, we will show you some of the most popular Indian Drinks which one must try once in life. The motive of this Article is not only to promote the Indian Drinks, but also to show the popular Indian Drinks.

1. Lassi

This Drink of Punjab is so tasty that it will mesmerize you with its taste. Lassi is served with some white Butter or Malai on it which takes its taste to another level. This Summer Drink is served in Big steel glasses and after drinking the glass, it’s impossible to even think about having your meal.

2. Falooda

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Like Lassi, Falooda is also a heavy Indian drink. Falooda is prepared with vermicelli, basil seeds and jelly pieces and with some milk and Ice-cream. Falooda tastes heavenly good with all these mixtures. It’s the perfect drink to have in Summers. If you never tried Falooda before, then you are surely missing something very special.

3. Badam (Almond) Milk

This Creamy milk gives the perfect nutty texture of Almonds. Badam Milk is very popular Indian Drink which is prepared on any Season. Badam Milk is prepared with milk, almonds and cardamom. It’s the perfect drink for the ones who don’t like to drink much milk as it changes all the essence of milk.

4. Jal-Jeera

This one is my personal favorite. Jal means ‘Water’ and Jeera stands for ‘Cumin’. Jal-Jeera is the perfect summer drink, which makes you feel refreshed and its great drink for the digestion. This masala drink is prepared with black pepper, cumin, water, mint, chilli pepper and black salt. If you never tried Jal-Jeera before, then must try it once.

5. Aamras

Aamras is probably loved by every Indian. Aamras is prepared with thick condensed milk and pieces of mango. It’s mixed till both becomes thicker and dissolves in each other. It tastes so delicious that one just wants to drink this every other day. Aamras needs no introduction or request, it’s a must try drink for everyone.

6. Nimbu Pani (Indian Lemonade Water)

This easy to make Indian Drink is the perfect savior from the Humin Weather. Nimbu Pani isn’t just refreshing the mind and body, but also gives greater energy to work and feel more energetic. Nimbu Pani is definitely very popular and important part of Indian Cuisine.

7. Sharbat (Syrup)

Sharbats are basically prepared from the flower petals. The flower petals are diluted in the water, which gives the real taste of the fragrance of the flower. Rose, Pineapple, Orange, Sandalwood and Mango are some of the famous variants of Sharbat. If you never tried Sharbat before, then you must try at least once in Life.