5 Mouth-watering Soya Chaap that Vegetarians must try at least once

For all the Vegetarians, Soybean Chaap is the only savior which gives the flavor, essence and taste of Non-vegetarian items. From Malai Chaap to Gravy Chaap, it’s the best alternative of the Non-vegetarian items. Soya Chaap tastes delicious and are healthy too. In this Article, we will show you some of the Soya items that are so delectable and mostly loved by every vegetarian. The motive of this Article is not only to promote the Soya Chaap, but also to show the varieties of Chaap for the vegetarians which they must try.  

1. Malai Chaap

Malai Chaap is unarguably the best dish for the vegetarians. It’s a great mixture of soya chaap with cream and curd. This creamy chaap is roasted using skewers is so mouth-watering and delicious that it’s just impossible to say ‘No’ to it. Malai Chaap tastes creamy and buttery which makes it more enjoyable.

2. Hariyali Chaap

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Hariyali Chaap tastes heavenly good and it’s so lip-smacking that you eat end up eating your fingers too, so be little careful while eating. As the name suggests, the secret ingredients for Hariyali chaap are Kasuri Methi/Spinach, Mint and Coriander leaves which is so delicious.

3. Tawa Chaap gravy

Tawa Chaap gravy is just the best experience of eating the vegetarian food with the flavors of Non-vegetarian. There’s nothing better than eating Tawa Chaap gravy with Chapati/Butter Naan. This scrumptious dish is just the perfect treat for the vegetarians. The gravy of Tawa chaap is usually very spicy and it’s a great delight to have it for the dinner.

4. Achari Chaap

Achari Chaap is a great combination of masala of pickles which tastes amazing when you are eating it. Its main ingredients are mango pickle masala with oil and red food color which makes its taste and essence of Achar.  Eating Achari Chaap with Rumali roti and green chutney is the best treat for vegetarians.

5. Afghani Chaap

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This one is my personal favorite. Afghani Chaap gives a great taste of black pepper, butter, tandoori masala, lal mirch and garam masala. If you never tried Afghani Chaap before, then you are surely missing something very special. Afghani Chaap tastes so delectable and yummy that it’s impossible to resist from not eating more