7 Indian street Food items which are Healthy too

We all just loves to eat street food and some of us loves so much that we starts eating it every day. But the problem with the street food is not only its hygienic problem, but also that it’s doesn’t support much proteins, vitamins or good nutrients. But in this Article, we will surely change your mind set by showing you 7 street food items which are not just delicious, but healthy too. The motive of this Article is to show you show you the street food items which are yummy and healthy too, so that next time you shouldn’t resist yourself from eating street food, especially these items which are healthy and full of nutrients.

1. Bhutta/ Cob Corns

Indian Bhutta is not just a great snack, but it’s healthy too. It provides highly rich carotenoids and low in calories and fat. Eating Bhutta on the streets in just an amazing time to spend and when you know that it’s healthy surely got a reason to cheers Bhutta.

2. Parantha’s

How can we say ‘No’ to delicious Parantha’s!! The best part of Parantha’s is that it’s stuffed with methi, palak, lentils, potato, mooli and cauliflower which are unarguably good for the health. Parantha’s are wholesome treat for the street food lovers, just eat less oily and butterly or prefer it with Dahi.

3. Fruit Chaat

This one is my personal favorite. Fruit Chaat is prepared with delicious fruits with the mixture of lime juice and some chaat masala on it. It not just tastes very delicious, but it’s very beneficial too. As Fruits have anti-oxidants in it which helps in protecting our body from diseases and ageing.

4. Tikkas & Kebabs

We all just loves to eat Chicken Tikka, Fish tikka and many more and it’s amazing to know that it’s healthy for us too. And if you are vegetarian, then can choose mushroom, paneer or soya tikka’s. These kebabs and Tikka’s are very tempting and delicious, just make sure that food coloring are not used on it as that are not good for health.

5. Eggs

From Boiled Eggs to Egg Bhurji, Eggs are an awesome treat to have. Eggs are a great source of Biotin, Selenium, Vitamin-D, K, and B12. Eggs are not just tasty, but a great source for healthy lifestyle. If you like to eat Eggs, then this can surely be your favorite and healthiest street food.

6. Dosa

There’s no one in this world who would say ‘NO’ to crispy Dosa’s and spicy Sambhar. Dosa’s are very low in fat as it’s prepared with rice batter and sambhar is prepared from urad dal which completes the amino acid in the body. Dosa is undoubtedly a great snack item which is healthy as well as tasty too.

7. Shakarkandi Chaat

Shakarkandi (Sweet Potatoes) Chaat is the perfect treat for the winters. This chaat is fully rich the nutrients and tastes so amazingly good that you just can’t miss this. Shakarkandi is loaded with potassium, iron, fiber, manganese, Vitamin-A and C. Shakarkandi is undoubtedly a great street food which is very healthy for us.