10 Dishes of Cuisine of Himachal Pradesh you must try at least once in Life

The Food of India has so many varieties and diversity that it’s impossible to know about the food of every place. In this Article, we will show you some of the best dishes of the cuisine of Himachal Pradesh. We will show you some of the best food items of the Himachal Pradesh. The motive of this Article is to promote the food of Himachal Pradesh and most importantly, the Food of India.

1. Dham

Dham is prepared on every festival and special occasions. It’s prepared with cooking red kidney beans, green lentils and rice in curd. Dham is mostly served with boor ki kari, mash daal and sweet-sour sauce prepared from jaggery and tamarind. One must try this delicious dish of Himachal.

2. Sidu

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Sidu is very famous food item of Himachal Pradesh which is stuffed with poppy seeds, mutton and with sweets (optional) too. Sidus can be called as bigger version of Momos as 5-7 times bigger than the Momos and its steamed and then served hot. Sidus prepared with Desi Ghee are so mouth-watering that you just want to eat this again and again.

3. Babru

Babru can be called as Himachali version of Kachori’s. These patties are stuffed with soaked and ground black gram daal paste. And later it’s rolled and deep fried to make the perfect crisp Babru’s. It’s served with tamarind Chutney which takes its taste to another level.

4. Kadoo ka Khatta or Auriya Kadoo

As the name suggests, it’s a great combination of pumpkin with the spicy and tangy gravy. It’s prepared with the dried raw mango powder or aamchoor with other spices. This Tangy dish tastes so delicious and yummy that you just can’t say ‘No’ to it.

5. Chana Madra

Chana Madra is a deadly combination of yogurt and chickpeas flour based gravy. It’s very famous food item of Pahar or Himachal Pradesh Cuisine. It’s prepared with white Chickpeas cooked in the gravy with the mixture of ginger, spices, onions and garlic. If you never tried this before, just try it once and you will surely become ‘Fan’ of it.

6. Mash Daal

This one is my personal favorite. It’s also called as Kali Daal. This daal is soaked overnight and then simmered in heavy bottom pan. It’s a great mixture of fried ginger, onion, garlic and spices with daal. It tastes deliciously good with Roti/Naan. And it’s served Hot to make it more appetizing.

7. Tudkiya Bhath

It is a type of Pulao which is prepared with rice cooked with lentils, onions, potatoes, garlic, ginger and yogurt and spiced with cardamom, bay leaf, red chilli powder, cinnamon etc. It’s usually served with Mash dal which makes it heavenly good combination.

8. Bhey (Spicy Lotus Stems)

If you have tried Bhey ever in life, then only you can understand the value of it. It’s a vegetarian dish prepared with lotus stems and later fried with ginger-garlic paste, onions, gram flour, cayenne pepper and other spices. While you are eating Bhey, will surely give you feel that you are eating Non-vegetarian item.

9. Akotri

It’s very famous dessert of Himachal Pradesh. Akotri is kind of cake which is prepared by mixing buckwheat leaves with wheat flour. It’s actually originated from Lapaul-sipti valley and now it’s available everywhere in Himachal. It’s very famous and traditional delicacy of Himachal Pradesh.

10. Mitha Bhat

This traditional delight of Himachal is undoubtedly the best item to try. Mitha Bhat is basically sweet rice which is prepared with rice, ghee, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, sugar and saffron. This dessert is flavored with saffron and fennel seeds and garnished it with dry fruits like almonds and pistachios.