7 Indian Food items which is probably loved by everyone

In India, there’s so many food items available and so vast choices that it’s hard to try all out. And we all have list of some special Food items which we would love to eat anytime and that’s what this Article is about. In this Article, we will show you some of the Indian Food items which are loved probably by every foodie. The motive of this Article is not only to promote the traditional favorite food items of India, but to also remind the foodies about the Indian food which always ruled the hearts of Indians and we will not let any western food overcome it.

1. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is unarguably the most preferred street food of India. The flavored water given with Puri is so amazing and tangy that you will not feel shy saying to vendor ‘Bhaiyaji thoda aur pani dena’ again and again. I haven’t seen anyone saying that ‘I don’t like Pani Puri’ in my entire life.

2Tandoori Chicken

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This red color roasted chicken which is marinated for hours with paste of yogurt and spices tastes so yummy that it’s just impossible to describe through words. There are lots of people who become Non-vegetarian just before they were told that Tandoori Chicken is the only Heaven on this Earth.

3. Dosa

This south-indian has the best foodie followers, as for any Dosa Lover, it’s just next to impossible to give love to other food item like Dosa.  It’s served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney which makes it so fabulous. This item has no haters which is very rare to have.

4. Samosa

Traditionally, the most loved and favorite food item of every Indian foodie. There was an era of Samosas in India when it was the only King of Indian Street Food, but by the time lots of western food items came to the country which impacts business of Samosa. But Samosa is still loved by everyone, especially when you are eating Aloo samosa with red and green Chutneys.

5. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is another underrated food item of India which needs lots of attention. It’s my personal favorite item. This simple dish is prepared with the mixture of puffed rice fried with vegetables and sauces. This item completes by giving you the perfect taste and then people remember it only when they eat it out again.

6. Jalebi

This deep fried and sugar syrup soaked Jalebi’s are the best thing happen to Humankind. This Hot jalebi’s tastes so amazingly good that you just want to eat this again and again. True Foodies always know the value of Jalebi’s. And if you are questioning about its taste or anything, just go to market and eat Jalebi’s, and you will surely get all the answers.

7. Gajar Ka Halwa

And how can we miss the most popular dessert of India which is prepared by mostly every household. Gajar ka Halwa is a great mixture of carrots, milk, sugar and dried fruits. Gajar ka Halwa tastes so amazingly good that you just want to mesmerize yourself within its taste. There’s no better feeling than eating Hot Gajar ka Halwa in cold weather.