7 Best Indian Desserts you must try once in life: Part 2

We all love to eat Desserts and when it’s about Indian Desserts, we have so vast variety that it’s impossible to talk about every Dessert. Indian Desserts are also called as ‘Mithai’. In this Article, we will show you 7 Desserts that are mostly loved by all. The motive of this Article is to not show you the best desserts, but also to promote the Indian Sweets. If you like to eat Desserts, then this Article is for you.

1. Rabri

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Rabri is thickened and sweetened milk with the layers of malai or cream in it. There’s nothing in this world which can beat Rabri. It tastes so mesmerizing and tasty that you want to eat this on Repeat mode. It’s prepared with milk, cardamom powder, sugar, saffron, almonds and pistachios. One must try delectable Rabri once.

2. Malpua

There’s no need of introduction to tempting Malpua’s. This deep fried desi ghee Malpua’s are dipped in sugar syrup and prepared with flour, milk and mashed bananas. Malpua tastes so heavenly good that you just can’t resist yourself from eating again and again.

3. Gujiya

Gujiya is a deep fried dessert of Rajasthan which is filled with Sweet khoya. The stuffing of Gujiya is very delicious as it’s filled with khoya, cashews, almonds, sugar and cardamom powder. This Rajasthani sweet is mostly prepared during Holi and special occasions. If you never tried this before, then you are surely missing something very special.

4. Gajar ka Halwa

And here comes the most favorite and lovable dessert of all Indians, Gajar ka Halwa!! There’s no comparison to Gajar ka Halwa as its taste is just another Heaven for the dessert lovers. It’s prepared with the mixture of carrots, milk, ghee, cashew, kesar and cardamom. The fragrance of Gajar ka Halwa is so tempting that you just can’t stop thinking about it.

5. Modak

Modak is not only our favorite dessert, but also of Lord Ganesha. Modak’s are always prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi and its fillings of jaggery and coconut makes it so delicious and mouth-watering that it’s just impossible to ignore the lovely Modak’s. If you never tried Modak before, then must try it once.

6. Ghevar

It’s another delight from Rajasthan. This disc look dessert is prepared with flour, sugar, ghee, paneer and sugar syrup. Ghevar tastes so amazingly good that you just want to eat your ghevar without sharing it with anyone. Ghevar is mostly prepared during festivals and special occasions.

7. Rasmalai

This one is my personal favorite. Rasmalai is juicy malai cream with flattened balls and it tastes so luscious that you will surely clean your meal and will not even let a single drop of rasmalai. It’s prepared with the mixture of sweetened milk with Indian cottage cheese. There’s no comparison of eating chilled Rasmalai.