7 Best Places to eat Punjabi Food in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and it’s quite famous for its food too. Kolkata, place for the foodies and the ones who likes to explore the traditional food. In this Article, we will show you some of the best places in Kolkata to eat the delicious Punjabi Food, The motive of this Article is show you some of the best places in Kolkata to eat the Cuisine of Punjab.

1. The Funjabi Tadka at Sector 5, Salt Lake

The Funjabi Tadka is a great place to have the Punjabi food and the best part of this place is that the ambiance is very simple yet mesmerizing. There’s also a party hall available for small gatherings like B’day parties. It’s definitely a great place to Visit for Punjabi food.

2. New Punjabi Hotel & Restaurant at Diamond Harbour Road, Behala

This place is perfect for the ones who want to eat the delicious food at the wonderful place. There’s also A.C cabin available in New Punjabi Hotel & Restaurant. The Butter Naan of this place is so amazing that it feels like that you are eating somewhere in Punjab.

3. The Dhaba at Ballygunge Phari, Ballygunge

This place is my personal favorite. It names Dhaba but the ambiance is very modern and impressive. It’s unarguably the one of the finest place in Kolkata to eat Punjabi Food. And the service of this place is quite fast, so you don’t have to wait too much to get your meals here.

4. Tinny Da Dhaba at Ballygunge Gardens, Gariahat

If you want to visit a place where you can get delicious food at low prices, then there’s no better place than Tinny Da Dhaba. The best part of this place is that the food tastes very authentic and you feel like that you are actually in Punjab. If you want to try the Mouth-watering Punjabi Food, then Tinny Da Dhaba is the best place to visit.

5. Punjabee Rasoi at Rajdanga, Kasba

Punjabee Rasoi is one of the most reputed restaurants in Kolkata. All the Punjabi Food of this place is so Mouth-watering and delicious that you just want to visit this place again and again. The prices of this place are little higher than other places, but the food is very delightful.

6. Balwant Singh’s Eating House at Harish Mukherjee Road, Bhawanipur

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The ambiance of this place is very regular, but crowd for the food starts coming from early 6 in the morning. This place reminds you of regular Highway Dhabas. And the best part is that the prices are very pocket-friendly and the food is very yummy.

7. Sher-E-Punjab at Sukanta Nagar, Jessore Road

This place is little far from the city, but it’s worth eating the food there. They serve you great Punjabi Food which tastes purely original and the ambiance of this place makes you feel very homely and comfortable. This place is unarguably the finest place to visit for the Punjabi Food.