10 Mind Blasting and Widespread Indian Street Food items that every Foodie loves to Eat

In India, we have a vast choice of street food items. In this Article, we will show you the 10 best and famous street food items of India, which is ruling the hearts of every Foodie. All the items shown in the Article are preferred the most by the Indian street food lovers. The motive of this Article is to show you the best and favorite street food items of the Indians. If you are a true Foodie, then you must have tried the most of the shown items and we know you will surely try the ones which you haven’t tried yet.

1. Pani Puri/ Golgappe/ Puchkas

In Bengal, Pani Puri is famous as the Puchkas. It is undoubtedly favorite street food item of every foodie. Golgappa’s are served with spicy and tangy flavored water and you may have noticed public saying ‘Bhaiyaji, thoda aur pani dena’. The best part of eating Pani Puri is on the roadside stalls.

2. Chole Bhature

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This mouth-watering Chole Bhautre comes directly from the cuisine of Punjab and it’s just a perfect meal for the Breakfast. Football sized Bhature’s are served with hot and spicy Chole Bhature is just so amazing that you can’t miss this out. Except Punjab, you will get great Chole Bhature in Delhi too.

3. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki is the perfect delight offered by the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Now a days, Aloo Tikki is famous everywhere either it’s Delhi or Mumbai, people just loves it with sweet and spicy chutney along with chopped onions. Mashed Potato Tikki is also served with Dahi,which takes its taste to a different level.

4. Chaat

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Chaat is originated from the kitchen of Mughals. This sweet and sour dish is a perfect combination and tastes heavenly good with the chutneys on it. Chaat is now commonly famous in probably every Indian state. This Mouth-watering crispy dish is delicious and very affordable too.

5. Momos

Momos (Dumplings) actually belongs from Nepal and Tibet, but in recent time it has undoubtedly become the King of Indian street Food. Momos are now preferred more than the Aloo Tikki, Pani Puri and other long traditional street food items. Momos are served with spicy red sauce which makes it heavenly good and it’s available in both Vegetarian/ Non-vegetarian.

6. Kachori

This one is my personal Favorite. Kachori comes from the land of the royals, Rajasthan. The Bikaneri Kachori is famous in all over India. If you want to eat the Best Kachori, then Rajasthan is the best place to have. This crunchy Kachori is stuffed with gravy, potatoes and spicy chutneys, and it tastes so amazingly good that it’s impossible to describe through words.

7. Dabeli

This beautiful and perfect snack of Gujarat has undoubtedly become the favorite street food across over western India. It’s stuffed with potato filling and while serving, it’s topped with pomegranate, roasted peanuts, coriander leaves and nylon sev. Dabeli is a perfect street food item that is not just tasty, but very Mouth-watering too.

8. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is undoubtedly the best street food by Maharashtra gifted to whole Country. The buttery Pav’s are give with hot and spicy Bhaji is just so amazing combo that you want to eat this over again and again. Pav Bhaji is commonly available everywhere. Pav Bhaji is the traditional street food of India which we all Indians love to eat.

9. Dosa/Idli Sambhar

Dosa is the perfect south Indian street snack which is not just delicious, but good for health too. It’s prepared with fermented rice and lentil batter. It’s served with the hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Trust me Foodies, there’s nothing in this world which can beat the taste of Dosa/Idli with Hot Sambhar.

10. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is the Bihari version of Rajasthan’s Dal Bhatti. It’s not just tasty, but a healthy food too, as it’s not fried and contains all the nutrients. Litti is prepared from the grams and the chokha is prepared from brinjal or mashed potatoes. Patna’s Litti Chokha are famous all across the country. If you never tried this before, just try once and you will surely love it.