7 Mouth-watering Fusions of Western and Indian Food that will surely make you Say mmm…

We Indians love to add some desi flavor in every Food. From Clothes to Food, we add some Desi flavor in everything and that sometimes become quite famous. If you confuse between eating Indian or Foreign Food, go for these dishes which are the perfect combination of both. In this Article, we will show you some of the best Fusions of Indian and Foreign food that we surely make you go mmm.. The motive of this Article is not only to show you the best Fusions, but also to promote the Indian Desi style of Making Food.

1Chilli Potatoes

The Indian Desi of this famous dish of Chinese Cuisine is way better than the original one. In Desi Style, Potatoes are deep fried and it’s much spicier than the original version. This Mouth-watering item tastes so good that one just wants to have it every day.

2. Masala Coke

We Indians have also changed the taste of Coke and with some great tangy flavors. Just add some Black salt and Lemon into the Coke and your Masala Coke is ready. Trust me guys, it tastes so good that you’ll forget the taste of Original Coke.

3. Chilli Chicken

This one is my all time favorite Indochinese Snack. The desi Indian version of Chilli Chicken is way spicier and tastier than the original one. If you want to have some interesting snack for this evening, Chilli Chicken is the perfect item for you.

4. Vegetable Manchurian

All Indians have their own style of making Chinese Manchurian which is purely different the way it’s actually prepared. In Indian Version, these fried Manchurian Balls are prepared with carrots, onions, cabbage and some soya sauce. India’s Manchurian is purely vegetarian and tastes amazingly good.

5. Tandoori Momos

We love Momos so much that we have produced a new way of Momos called as Tandoori Momos. The Tandoori flavor to the Momos tastes so deliciously that one just loves to eat this every day. Tandoori Momos tastes way more tasty than then the regular Steamed and Fried Momos.

6. Noodle Samosa

It’s the perfect sign of the Brotherhood of the Chinese and Indian Food. In Noodle Samosa, it’s stuffed with spicy stuffing of Noodles which tastes so good that one just wants to eat this one repeat mode. This Mouth-watering Fusion will surely make you say mmm…

7. Naanza

Naanza is basically the Indian Version of ‘Pizza’. Naanza is prepared with the deadly combination of Naan, Tandoori chicken (optional) and some cheese and Indian Version of Pizza is ready. It’s so easy to make and tastes so good that one just wants to eat this on repeat mode.